Перевод текстов, документации (технической, юридической, бухгалтерско

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Перевод текстов, документации (технической, юридической, бухгалтерской, медицинской и др.) повышенной сложности. Синхронный перевод.
Лучшие переводчики из стран западной Европы.

EuroService Aktau offers interpreting and translation services to international oil and gas companies and other companies operating in the Republic of Kazakhstan. We translate technical, commercial, legal and other documents to support petroleum operations. Translation of energy industry specific texts is our core business.

EuroService Aktau is incorporated in the Republic of Kazakhstan and has its registered head office in Aktau. We deliver 100% local content service to satisfy the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation requirements, providing international customers with an all-round language support all the way from a project concept stage through to final delivery. Our language professionals were involved in major international hydrocarbon exploration, development and transportation projects in Central Asia including the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC), Tengiz, Kashagan, Karachaganak, Dunga and Pearls.

A comprehensive approach to language projects management allows IAC to effectively handle assignments of any scope - from a single page business correspondence to a multi-thousand dollar global translation project. Our quality assurance team works hand in hand with the RoK Academy of Sciences whose geologists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers and other upstream and downstream specialists help us better understand the industry and its specific language.

To obtain detailed information about our services or discuss specific translation projects please contact our head office in Aktau or our Branch office in Aachen (Germany).

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